Launch of the Website and Crowdfunding Campaign

We are very excited to announce the launch of our crowdfunding campaign to develop

The Guardian Angel App.

This will be the first app that is designed to teach children how to protect themselves against sexual abuse. It is based on the book from Dr. Karim Cali, “I can protect my body”. The difference is that we will make this app interactive and it will be constantly updated with new content and situations that children may be faced with, so that they learn how to say no and if need be, defend themselves or report the abuse without fear of retaliation.

The app will be designed for children as young as 3 years old and will be a teaching aid for both parents and teachers. The material will be presented in a way that is easy to learn and will contain interactive elements such as a coloring book and small quizzes that test children’s knowledge once presented with the material.

This app is necessary to deal with a widespread community problem

Sexual abuse and harassment has finally become a spotlight issue in the media. Victims, both adults and children rarely report these crimes leaving them with the physical and the psychological burden of the abuse.

Children are a main target for sexual abuse due to their vulnerability.

Children are the most vulnerable and susceptible to abuse, in particular sexual abuse. Their age, inexperience, lack of means and, knowledge to prevent abuse, or to report abuse makes them ideal targets to sexual predators.


Unfortunately, one in three girls and one in four boys will be sexually abused by their eighteenth birthday.  According to the U.S. Department of Justice, 30% of victims are abused by family members and 55% are abused by people the family knows well and trusts, while only 10% of sexually abused children are abused by a stranger.

This is very worrisome, because in the majority of the cases the abuser is a person who is supposed to protect and safeguard the child such as a caretaker, a teacher, or a family friend. In addition, child abusers emotionally manipulate children, gaining their trust before the actual abuse, and then creating a sense of guilt to prevent being reported. Abusers have no characteristics that “set them apart”, they look and act “normally” and go out of their way to appear wonderful and trustworthy.  

I would use some of this statistics on top instead of being general about sexual abuse, I would hit it on the head immediately talking about children sexual abuse 

(National Children’s Alliance at 1-800-239-9950.)

Impact on the child

A child who is the victim of prolonged sexual abuse develops a low self-esteem, develops a feeling of worthlessness and an abnormal or distorted view of sex (needs reference). If not treated, the child may become withdrawn, mistrustful of adults, and can become suicidal (needs reference). In order to protect our kids, It is imperative that we teach them that sexual abuse is unacceptable and empower them with the appropriate tools to stop and say “NO” to all kinds of abuse such as sexual, Physical, Mental or Emotional.


We believe in harnessing modern educational technologies and methodologies to empower kids against abuse. Apps developed for mobile devices provide a rich platform where we can merge education and fun in an enriching and nurturing milieu.

We are seeking funding of $150,000.00 to build and deploy the app. It not only teaches children how to protect themselves, but also educates them about subjects that may or may not be difficult for parents to speak about, due to lack of knowledge, embarrassment, or cultural issues.

The app will be a compendium to the Book “I can protect my body”, created by our child education specialist, Dr. Karim Cali. The app will mirror the information contained therein and will initially be written in both the Arabic and English languages with a future ability to translate it to different languages. It will include diagrams, sketches and graphics that will illustrate stories and situations that children are likely to encounter as well as information, that will teach them about their body in a suitable format for children and parental interactions.

Children will be able to color the pictures and answer questions posed in each situation. The app will be an interactive training manual that encourages parents and children to go over this information together and develop strong and confident training techniques that children will easily remember and recognize. The app will further develop their confidence saying “NO” and be less intimidated should they ever find themselves in a situation requiring them to defend themselves.

For parents, they will experience less worry knowing their children are more prepared to face such encounters empowered with the tools and confidence to communicate effectively and report problems should they ever be in that position.

Our app will provide a solution that will empower children, help and encourage parents to educate children, and to ultimately, lower the rate of these occurrences and work to prevent them altogether .

“I can protect my body” is the accompanying book to the app. It was written to ensure children are armed with the appropriate knowledge to protect themselves against sexual abuse.

The app’s advantage is its ability to provide an audio/visual, interactive and engaging way to teach children, through real stories, written and narrated in a suitable format, all they need to know about sexual abuse and how to prevent it.


We are seeking $150,000 in funding to develop this application. The funds will be used to further develop the graphics, increase the number of stories and situations that we present, offer translations for other languages, provide the essential coding and testing to produce a top-rate app on the Apple app store, and pay for advertising to promote the application. 


  • HADI information services has developed numerous apps already and has a technologically savvy team who can create, develop and promote the product effectively.
  • HADI manages , the world’s oldest and largest Islamic website with a yearly average of 15 million visitors per year
  • HADI has a verified mailing list of over 130,000 subscribers
  • HADI has a social media following of over 130,000 followers
  • Dr Karim Cali is a renowned psychologist who works in this field every day and has developed this program over the course of his esteemed career
  • Dr Cali has relationships both nationally and internationally with organizations such as the United Nations who already approve of his work and research and willingly promote solutions such as this to help curb and prevent these types of atrocities from occurring
  • We have already seen proven results from the book that this app is based upon, and know that this tool is necessary and needed.   

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