Dr Cali is a renewed psychologist and an international biomedical scientist, clinical psychotherapist, published author, speaker, and is a member of the American Health Awareness Society, and Association of Clinical Psychotherapy.

He is a researcher in the fields of development in family psychology and has promoted mental and physical health through public workshops, teacher training programs, and e-learning courses. He has been a television and radio guest on the topics of the Architect-of-the-Mind, Children’s Therapy through Art, Graphology, Neuro-Linguistic Programing, Imagery and Inner Child Therapy, and Energy Balance. Karim is an expert in Eastern Medicine specializing in Tongue-and-Pulse diagnosis.

Karim has conducted biomedical research that quickly transforms people’s common health problems and deeper psychological concerns into a stress-free lifestyle; by bringing together traditional psychology, alternative medicine, energy science for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. He created an after-war recovery program along with the United Nations, 

for refugees, orphans, women, children and families of war. He also created an organization (United for Women-International) to provide education and support for women, children and families.

He is a philanthropist who provides support to children and young adults to express their dreams through story-telling, writing, theatre and art.

Karim participates with communities and organizations in developing neuroscience therapies and psychology tools for growth and education worldwide.

Dr Cali received the Best Young Researcher Award in Scientific Theories and Physical Mental Connection and Development.

Dr Cali is also a published author of several books, his list of published works includes these titles:

  • “Secrets of Adolescent Psychological Development”
  • “How to Decode a Child Personality Through Drawing”
  • “A Journey to the Subconscious Mind”
  • “How to Become a Super-Hero?”
  • “How I Can Protect my Body?”
  • “How to be Together Best Siblings?”
  • I can protect my body

“I can protect my body” is the accompanying book to the app. It was written to ensure children are armed with the appropriate knowledge to protect themselves against sexual abuse. 

Human Assistance And Development International - HADI

HADI is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization founded in California in 1995. We have vast technological expertise in website development, teacher training, online education, community service, as well as proven experience building stand-alone apps for the purpose of education and general improvement of human interaction. We were the first entity to develop a website related to Islamic education and countering Islamophobia. We also have received numerous grants from the US government to develop online training and summer programs for teachers’ professional development.  Below are examples of our in-house developed apps that we have developed are listed below and available for download on the Apple Store or iBook store:

Our Proposition

Combining Technology and Education

We believe in harnessing modern educational technologies and methodologies to empower kids against abuse. Apps developed for mobile devices provide a rich platform where we can merge education and fun in an enriching and nurturing milieu. We are seeking funding to build and deploy The Guardian Angel app that not only teaches children how to protect themselves, but also educates them about subjects that may or may not be difficult for parents to speak about, due to lack of knowledge, embarrassment, or cultural issues.

Based off the Book “I Can Protect My Body”

The app will be a compendium to the Book “I can protect my body”, created by our child education specialist, Dr. Karim Cali. The app will mirror the information contained therein and will initially be written in both the Arabic and English languages with a future ability to translate it to different languages.

Easy for Children to Use and Understand

It will include diagrams, sketches and graphics that will illustrate stories and situations that children are likely to encounter as well as information, that will teach them about their body in a suitable format for children and parental interactions. Children will be able to color the pictures and answer questions posed in each situation. The app will be an interactive training manual that encourages parents and children to go over this information together and develop strong and confident training techniques that children will easily remember and recognize.

A Confidence Builder

The app will further develop their confidence saying “NO” and be less intimidated should they ever find themselves in a situation requiring them to defend themselves. For parents, they will experience less worry knowing their children are more prepared to face such encounters empowered with the tools and confidence to communicate effectively and report problems should they ever be in that position.

Ultimate Goal Is to Eliminate Child Sexual Abuse

Our app will provide a solution that will empower children, help and encourage parents to educate children, and to ultimately, lower the rate of these occurrences and work to prevent them altogether.

The App Advantage

The app’s advantage is its ability to provide an audio/visual, interactive and engaging way to teach children, through real stories, written and narrated in a suitable format, all they need to know about sexual abuse and how to prevent it.

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