How to Protect Children from Sexual Abuse

The Guardian Angel App

Prepare kids by Presenting Real-life Situations and Prevention Solutions

  • Know Their Bodies
  • Learn What kind of Touching is Acceptable or Not
  • Learning How to Vocalize and Stand Their Ground
  • Reporting Inappropriate Behavior Without Fear of Retaliation

Child Sexual Abuse Statistics

One in ten Children will be sexually assaulted before their 10th birthday.

Girls are 3x more susceptible to sexual abuse than boys (1:25)

90% of Victims Know Their Abuser.

The abuser can be:

  • a family member
  • a family friend
  • a teacher
  • or more powerful children

Abusers have no identifying characteristics!

There is no “Typical Abuser”

Only 30% of the Cases are Reported to Authorities
  • Victim are afraid of the abuser
  • Taught to keep matters private
  • Fear of being blamed
  • Fear of not being believed
  • Feel ashamed
  • Feel guilty

How Can We Prevent Child Abuse


Volunteering time and money can help organizations fight against child abuse


We need your help to create the “Guardian Angel App” and create educational workshops

Teach & Empower

Empower kids to say "No" to sexual abuse and NOT to be afraid to report it


Our app will provide the necessary tools for kids to protect themselves

Inform & Act

If you see something, say something. Inform the parents, the police, the school admin


Be a positive role model for your children and the community

What Can You Do to Help

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